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San Diego
 Public Library

To learn more about the resources of the San Diego Public Library, home of the San Diego SABR Baseball Research Center, see the Library's Web site.

The Library has also created an eight page English/Spanish guide to the baseball collection. This guide is a great resource to help you get started with your baseball research. ( View PDF).

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In Fall 1997 members of the San Diego Ted Williams SABR Chapter, recognizing the importance of baseball research, decided to create a project that would result in a significant resource for those interested in such efforts in San Diego. 

As a result, in 1998 the San Diego Ted Williams Chapter initiated a partnership with the Central Library of the San Diego Public Library.  That partnership has resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding between the Chapter and the San Diego Public Library in June 2000 to create the San Diego SABR Baseball Research Center, “BRC.”


      To identify, organize, preserve, and promote the research and study of baseball in partnership with the City of San Diego Central Library.



to promote an interest in the history of baseball in San Diego.


to organize, enlarge, and preserve a baseball research collection available to the general public.


to create and preserve a unique collection of baseball research materials specifically related to the history of baseball in San Diego.


to create a working and ongoing research relationship with the Library.

San Diego SABR card no. 1, Ozzie Smith and the BRC Ozzie Smith & BRC, SD SABR card 1

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Areas of BRC Interest

1.     San Diego Padres, major league.

2.     San Diego Padres, minor league.

3.     Collegiate baseball in San Diego.

4.     Ted Williams baseball achievements in San Diego.

5.     Professional baseball players born and raised in San Diego, and their local achievements.

6.     Other professional teams and leagues in the San Diego region.

The initial acquisition for the BRC took place in early 2001 when the complete set of The Sporting News, The Sporting Life, and several University of Notre Dame baseball collections (all on microfilm) were obtained.  Subsequent acquisitions included Baseball Guides, Red and Green Books, and Padres Yearbooks and Media Guides.  The ongoing program will include the above annual publications and more:

·  Super Register (Baseball America)

·  SABR annual publications: The National Pastime and Baseball Research Journal

·  NINE Journal

·  Elysian Fields Quarterly

·  Official Major League Baseball Fact Book

Related San Diego Public Library Links:

·  Selected Baseball Resources at the Central Library

·  The San Diego SABR Baseball Research Center Brochure

For more information about the BRC or how to contribute to the library, contact:

San Diego Public Library - Central Library
Art, Music & Recreation Section
820 E Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Telephone: 619.236.5810
or e-mail: artmusic@sandiego.gov

Society for American Baseball Research
San Diego Ted Williams Chapter
2515 Brant Street
San Diego, CA 92101
or e-mail: sdtwsabr@aol.com

Other Research Items of Interest:
MLB San Diego Residents (Microsoft Excel)
Library BRC Help Guide (Microsoft Excel)

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