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Baseball: Selected Resources at Central Library

Béisbol: Recursos Selectos en la Biblioteca Central


The San Diego Public Library has formed a partnership with the Ted Williams Chapter of SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research. SABR was founded in Cooperstown, N.Y. in 1971. It is a not-for-profit organization with over 7,000 members worldwide--researchers, baseball fans, statisticians, and biographers. The Ted Williams Chapter of the Society has donated funds that have allowed the Central Library to purchase issues of The Sporting News from 1886 to 1969 on microfilm from the University of Notre Dame, The Sporting Life from 1883 to 1917 on microfilm, a baseball scrapbook collection and various 19th-century sports newspapers from 1857 to 1886.


As part of this partnership, San Diego Public Library will soon have an electronic link from the Library Catalog to the SABR Baseball Index. This index, compiled by SABR volunteers, provides comprehensive access to more than 175,000 books, magazine articles, programs, pamphlets, films, recordings, songs or cartoons about baseball. Once the link to the Library Catalog is live, library users will be able to look up books from the SABR Baseball Index in the Library Catalog and get call numbers and availability for the library system.


Material relating to baseball is primarily located in the Art, Music & Recreation Section. Biographies of baseball figures are located in the History Section, novels about baseball are located in the Literature Section, and some of the reference books pertaining to baseball in California are located in the California Room. In addition to books, the Art, Music & Recreation Section also has CD-ROMs, video documentaries and feature films about baseball, sheet music for baseball songs, compact discs featuring songs about baseball, and  baseball audio books on tape and CD. The reference books pertaining to baseball are located in the Art, Music & Recreation Section and in the basement storage. Some branch libraries have unique baseball titles that are not owned by the Central Library.



Baseball material can be researched in several ways. On the Library Web Catalog, one can search BASEBALL as a subject or as a keyword. Library users searching for a format other than book can specify MUSIC RECORDING, VIDEOCASSETTE, etc. under Material Type.


Magazine articles on baseball can be found by searching InfoTrac OneFile. Many of these articles are full text and can be printed out at the computer. If only a citation is given, the patron can obtain the magazine at the Call Desk if it is owned by the library. Newspaper articles can be searched in Proquest which indexes dozens of newspapers from all over the country.


Béisbol: Recursos Selectos en la Biblioteca Central

La Biblioteca Pública de San Diego ha formado una asociación con la organización Ted Williams que es parte de SABR (Society for American Baseball Research), Sociedad de Investigación de Béisbol Americano.  SABR fue fundado en Cooperstown, Nueva York en 1971.  Es una organización sin fines lucrativos con más de 7,000 miembros a nivel mundial que incluyen investigadores, estadísticos, biógrafos y fanáticos de béisbol.  La organización Ted Williams donó fondos que permitieron a la Biblioteca Central adquirir de la Universidad de Notre Dame ejemplares de la revista The Sporting News en microfilm desde 1886 a 1969,  la revista The Sporting Life en microfilm desde 1883 a 1917, una colección de albums de recortes de béisbol y varios periódicos deportivos de los años 1857 a 1886.


Como parte de esta asociación, la Biblioteca Pública de San Diego tendrá un enlace electrónico desde el catálago al índice de béisbol de SABR.  Este índice recopilado por voluntarios de SABR provee acceso a más de 175,000 libros, artículos de revistas, programas, panfletos, películas, grabaciones, canciones y caricaturas sobre béisbol.  Una vez que el enlace al catálago de la biblioteca esté disponible, usuarios de la biblioteca podrán buscar libros en el índice de SABR por medio del catálago y obtener los números de clasificación y saber si están disponibiles en el sistema de bibliotecas.


Recursos relacionados con el béisbol están localizados principalmente en el departamento de Arte, Música y Recreación. Biografías sobre figuras del béisbol están localizadas en el departamento de historia, novelas de ficción se localizan en el departamento de literatura y algunos libros de referencia sobre béisbol en California se encuentran en la sección de California (California Room) en el segundo piso de la biblioteca.  Además de libros, el departamento de Arte, Música y Recreación tiene discos compactos, videos documentales y películas sobre béisbol, partituras de canciones de béisbol, libros en casete y en discos compactos.  Los libros de referencia sobre béisbol se encuentran en el departamento de Arte, Música y Recreación y la área de almacenamiento localizado en el sótano.  Algunas sucursales tienen títulos no disponibles en la Biblioteca Central.



Material sobre béisbol puede ser investigado de varias maneras.  Por medio del  catálago de la biblioteca atra vez del Internet uno puede buscar béisbol como sujeto o como palabra clave.  Usuarios buscando material que no sea libro pueden indicar MUSICA, VIDEO, etc., bajo Tipo de Material. 


Artículos de revista sobre béisbol se encuentran buscando en el índice de revistas (InfoTrac OneFile).  Muchos de estos artículos son de texto completo y pueden ser imprimidos.  Si solamente la citación está disponible se puede obtener la revista en el Call Desk si la biblioteca la tiene. Artículos de periódico se investigan usando Proquest, una base de datos que contiene un índice de periódicos de todo el país.



SABR, the Society for American Baseball Research

Find out about SABR’s publications, collections, and activities.


SABR, Sociedad de Investigación de Béisbol Americano

Descubre acerca de las publicaciones, colecciones y actividades de SABR.

Links to team websites, fantasy leagues and baseball news.


Contiene enlaces a sitios de Internet de equipos de béisbol, grandes ligas interactivas (fantasy leagues) y noticias de béisbol.

Baseball America Online

Information on high school, college teams, plus major and minor leagues and drafts.


Información sobre equipos de preparatoria, colegio y las ligas mayores y menores y los “drafts”.

National Baseball Hall of Fame

Read about hall of famers and honorees, view exhibits and collections.


Salón de la Fama Nacional de Béisbol

Infórmate sobre personajes famosos y ve exhibiciones y colecciones de béisbol.

Baseball Links

Links to baseball history, international baseball and youth baseball


Enlaces a la historia de béisbol, béisbol internacional y béisbol para jóvenes.

The Official Site of Major League Baseball

Look up statistics on teams and individual players as well as baseball


El sitio oficial a las ligas mayores de béisbol de Los Estados Unidos.

Encuentra estadísticas sobre equipos, jugadores y béisbol.


Computerized play-by-play accounts of pre-1984 major league games, with customized statistical analysis.


Fue fundado con el propósito de computarizar juegos importantes de las ligas mayores pre-1984.  Incluye también análisis estadístico.




Reference Books

America’s National Game: Historic Facts Concerning the Beginning, Evolution, Development and Popularity of Baseball by A. G. Spalding. 1911. R797 SPALDING


Baseball Desk Reference by Lawrence Lorimer. 2002. R796.357 LORIMER


The Baseball Timeline: In Association with Major League Baseball by Burt Solomon. 2001.  R796.357 SOLOMON


The Barry Halper Collection of Baseball Memorabilia. 1999. R796.357 HALPER


Baseball: A Comprehensive Bibliography by Myron J. Smith. 1993 R796.357 SMITH


Baseball and American Culture: A Thematic Bibliography of Over 4,500 Works by Donald E. Walker. 1995. R796.357 WALKER


Baseball by the Numbers: How Statistics Are Collected, What They Mean, and How They Reveal the Game by Willie Runquist. 1995. R796.357 RUNQUIST


Baseball Card Price Guide. 2002. R769.49796 BASEBALL


Baseball Guide. 2002. R796.357 BASEBALL


Baseball Register. 2002. R796.357 BASEBALL


The Baseball Research Handbook by Gerald Tomlinson. 1987. R796.357 TOMLINSON


The Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues by James A. Riley. 1994. R796.357 RILEY


The Cultural Encyclopedia of Baseball by Jonathan Fraser Light. 1997. R796.35703 LIGHT


The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract by Bill James. 2001. R796.35709 JAMES


SABR Presents the Home Run Encyclopedia: Who, What and Where of Every Home Run Hit Since 1876. 1996. R796.35726 SABR


San Diego Padres Media Guide. 2002. R796.357 SAN


Circulating Books


Historical Books

Amazin’: The Miraculous History of New York’s Most Beloved Baseball Team by Peter Golenbock. 2002. 796.357 GOLENBOCK


Banana Bats & Ding-Dong Balls: A Century of Unique Baseball Inventions by Dan Gutman. 1995. 796.357 GUTMAN


Baseball: A History of America’s Game by Benjamin G. Rader. 2002. 796.357 RADER


Baseball and the Color Line: the African-American Experience by Tom Gilbert. 1995. 796.357 GILBERT


Baseball as America: Seeing Ourselves through Our National Game. 2002. 796.357 BASEBALL


Blue Skies, Green Fields: A Celebration of Major League Baseball Stadiums by Ira Rosen. 2001. 796.35706 ROSEN


Bombers: An Oral History of the New York Yankees by Richard Lally. 2002. 796.35764 LALLY


Clearing the Bases: The Greatest Baseball Debates of the Last Century by Allen Barra. 2002. 796.357 BARRA


Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and the American Culture. 796.357 COOPERSTOWN 1997, 2000, 2001


Dugout Days: Untold Tales and Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Career of Billy Martin by Michael DeMarco. 2001. 796.357 DEMARCO


Fear Strikes Out: The Jim Piersall Story by Jim Piersall. 1999. 796.357 PIERSALL


Great Home Runs of the 20th Century by Rich Wescott. 2001. 796.357 WESTCOTT


Heartbreakers: Baseball’s Most Agonizing Defeats by John Kuenster. 2001. 796.357 KUENSTER


Late Innings: A Documentary History of Baseball, 1945-1972 compiled and edited by Dean A. Sullivan. 2002. 796.35709 LATE


Missed It by That Much: Baseball Players Who Challenged the Record Books by Victor Debs, Jr. 1998. 796.357 DEBS


Nineteenth Century Baseball: Year-By-Year Statistics for the Major League Teams, 1871 through 1900 by Marshall D. Wright. 1996. 796.357 WRIGHT


Perfect: The Inside Story of Baseball's Sixteen Perfect Games by James Buckley Jr. 2002. 796.357 BUCKLEY


The Physics of Baseball by Robert Kemp Adair. 2002. 796.357 ADAIR


POW Baseball in World War II: The National Pastime behind Barbed Wire by Tim Wolter. 2002. 796.35709 WOLTER


Pride of Havana: The History of Cuban Baseball by Roberto Gonzalez. 1999. 796.357 GONZALEZ


The Road to Cooperstown: A Critical History of Baseball’s Hall of Fame Selection Process by James F. Vail. 2001. 796.35764 VAIL


Sleeper Cars and Flannel Uniforms: A Lifetime of Memories from Striking Out the Babe to Teeing It Up with the President by Elden Auker. 2001. 796.357 AUKER


Spitters, Beanballs, and the Incredible Shrinking Strike Zone: The Stories behind the Rules of Baseball by Glen Waggoner. 2000. 796.35702 WAGGONER


A Stitch in Time: A Baseball Chronology, 1845-2000 by Gene Elson. 2001. 796.35709 ELSTON


Stolen!: A History of Base Stealing by Russell Roberts. 1999.

796.35727 ROBERTS


Taking in a Game: A History of Baseball in Asia by Joseph A. Reaves. 2002. 796.357 REAVES


What Baseball Means To Me: A Celebration of Our National Pastime edited by Curt Smith and the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. 2002. 796.357 WHAT


Practical Books

Baseball Skills & Drills by the American Baseball Coaches Association. 2001. 796.3572 BASEBALL


Bob Feller’s Little Black Book of Baseball Wisdom by Bob Feller. 2001. 796.357 FELLER


Chicken Soup for the Baseball Fan's Soul: Inspirational Stories of Baseball, Big-League Dreams and the Game of Life edited by Jack Canfield et al. 2001. 796.357 CHICKEN


Fodor’s Baseball Vacations. 2000. 796.357 FODOR’S


The Louisville Slugger Complete Book of Hitting Faults and Fixes: How to Detect and Correct the 50 Most Common Mistakes at the Plate by Mark Gola. 2001. 796.35726 GOLA


Managing Little League Baseball by Ned McIntosh. 2000. 796.35762 MCINTOSH


Parent’s Guide to Baseball: Surviving and Thriving Youth League to College by Bruce Lambin. 2000. 796.35762 LAMBIN


Rules for Umps: Baseball 2001 by Bill Topp. 2001.  796.3573 TOPP   


The Thinking Fan’s Guide to Baseball by Leonard Koppett. 2001. 796.357 KOPPETT


Books on Tape and CD

Fair Ball: A Fan’s Case for Baseball by Bob Costas. 2000. AC 796.357 COSTAS


The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King. 1999. AC Fic KING; CD Fic KING


Great Time Coming: The Life of Jackie Robinson. 1996. AC B/ROBINSON


Me and Hank by Sandy Tolan. 2000. AC B/TOLAN


October 1964 by David Halberstam. 1994. AC 796.357 HALBERSTAM


The Oldest Rookie by Jim Morris and Joel Engel. 2001. AC B/MORRIS


Sosa: una autobiografía by Sammy Sosa. 2001. AC SPA B/SOSA

When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It! by Yogi Berra 2001. CD B/BERRA.



61*. 2001. VC 791.4372 SIXTY; DVD 791.4372 SIXTY


Baseball by Ken Burns. 1994. VC 796.357 BASEBALL; DVD 796.357 BASEBALL


Bull Durham. 2002, c1988. DVD 791.4372 BULL


Eight Men Out. 2001, c1988. DVD 791.4372 EIGHT


Heart of San Diego: Buzzie Bavasi. VC B/BAVASI


The Pride of the Yankees. 1998, c1942. DVD 791.4372 PRIDE


Music Recordings

Baseball’s Greatest Hits. 1989. CD782.42164 BASEBALL’S


Baseball’s Greatest Hits: Let’s Play II. 1990. CD 782.42164 BASEBALL’S


Music Scores

Baseball in Music and Song. 1954. RM 786 BASEBALL


The Mighty Casey: A Baseball Opera in Three Scenes by William Schuman. 1954. M782 SCHUMAN



The Baseball Encyclopedia. 1996.  CDROM 796.357 BASEBALL


High Heat Baseball 2000. CDROM 794.86357 HIGH


Microsoft Baseball 2001. 2000. CDROM 794.8635 MICROSOFT


Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001. CDROM 796.86357 SAMMY


Picture File

San Diego Padres file containing pictures of the team and some individual players.




Joe DiMaggio: The Hero’s Life by Richard Ben Cramer. 2000. B/DIMAGGIO


Nolan Ryan: The Road to Cooperstown by Nolan Ryan. 1999. B/RYAN


A Pitcher’s Story: Innings with David Cone by Roger Angell. 2001. B/CONE


Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy by Jane Leavy. 2002. B/KOUFAX


Sosa! Baseball’s Home Run Hero by Patricia Duncan. 1998. B/SOSA


Ted Williams: My Life in Pictures by Ted Williams. 2001. B/WILLIAMS


When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It!: Inspiration and Wisdom from One of Baseball’s Greatest Heroes by Yogi Berra. 2001. B/BERRA



American Novels and Stories Featuring Baseball by Grant Burns. 1987. R016.8135 BURNS


Baseball: A Literary Anthology edited by Nicholas Dawidoff. 2002. 810.80355 BASEBALL


Baseball Fantastic: Stories. 2000. 813.0108 BASEBALL


The Sports Pages: A Critical Bibliography of Twentieth-Century American Novels and Stories Featuring Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Other Athletic Pursuits by Grant Burns. 1987. R016.8135 BURNS


The Writer’s Game: Baseball Writing in America by Richard Orodenker. 1996. 810.9355 ORODENKER



The annotated baseball stories of Ring W. Lardner, 1914-1919 edited by George W. Hilton. 1995. Fic LARDNER


Columbus Slaughters Braves by Mark Friedman. 2001. Fic FRIEDMAN


Hanging Curve: A Mickey Rawlings Baseball Mystery by Troy Soos. 1999. [Myst] Fic SOOS


Havana Heat by Darryl Brock. 2000. Fic BROCK


The Heavenly World Series: Timeless Baseball Fiction by Frank O'Rourke. 2002. Fic O’ROURKE


One Man Died on Base by Deloris Forbes. 2001. Fic FORBES


Slider by Patrick Robinson. 2002. Fic ROBINSON


Snow in August by Pete Hamill. 1997. Fic HAMILL


Spanish-Language Books / Libros en Español

Béisbol: latinoamericanos en las Grandes Ligas by Michael M. Oleksak and Mary Adams Oleksak. 1995. SPA  796.357 OLEKSAK


La chica que amaba a Tom Gordon by Stephen King. 2000. SPA Fic KING


Fernando! by Mike Littwin. Spanish & English. 1981. SPA 796.357 LITTWIN


Latinos en el béisbol de Estados Unidos by James D. Cockcroft.  1999. SPA 796.357 COCKCROFT



Baseball and the American Dream: Race, Class, Gender and the American Pastime edited by Robert Elias. 2001. 306.483 ELIAS


Covering Home: Lessons on the Art of Fathering from the Game of Baseball by Jack Petrash. 2000. 306.874 PETRASH


Legal Bases : Baseball and the Law by Roger I. Abrams. 1998, 344.73099 ABRAMS


The Money Pitch: Baseball Free Agency and Salary Arbitration by Roger I. Abrams. 2000. 331.2 ABRAMS


Never Just a Game: Players, Owners, and American Baseball to 1920 by Robert F. Burk. 1994. 338.4 BURK



History of San Diego Baseball. 1993. RCC 796.357 HISTORY


More Than a Ballpark: An Investment in Our Future: A Ballpark for San Diego. 1998. RCC 796.357 MORE


The Pacific Coast Baseball League, 1903-1947. 1947. RCC 797 PACIFIC


Padres Magazine: Official Game Day Magazine for the San Diego Padres. 1998. RCC 796.357 PADRES


San Diego Padres 1969 Inaugural Yearbook. 1969. RCC 796.357 SAN


Vertical Files containing newspaper clippings on the San Diego Padres and many individual players.




Béisbol!: Latino Baseball Pioneers and Legends by Jonah Winter. 2001. J 796.357 WINTER


Dress through the Ages. Vol. 3, Baseball Player by Irene Franck and David Brownstone. J 391.09 FRANCK  vol. 3


Game Day by Cari Meister. 2001. E MEISTER


The Girl Who Struck Out Babe Ruth by Jean L. S. Patrick. 2000. J 796.357 PATRICK


Hank Aaron: Brave in Every Way by Peter Golenbock. J B/AARON


Mark McGwire by Bob Temple. 2000. J B/MCGWIRE


Nick Plays Baseball by Rachel Isadora. 2001. J 796.357 ISADORA


Satchel Paige by Lesa Cline-Ransome. 2000. J B/PAIGE


Spanish-Language Books / Libros en Español

Aquí viene el que se poncha! by Leonard Kessler. 1995 E SPA KESSLER


Béisbol en los barrios by Henry Horenstein. 1997. J SPA 796.357 HORENSTEIN


El día del partido by Cari Meister. 2001.  E SPA MEISTER


Mark McGwire: Record Breaker (rompe récords) by Rob Kirkpatrick. English and Spanish. 2002. J SPA B/MCGWIRE


Puedo ser jugador de beisbol by Carol Greene. 1986. J SPA 796.357 GREENE


Roberto Clemente by Thomas W. Gilbert. 1995. J SPA B/CLEMENTE


Sammy Sosa: bateador de home runs by Rob Kirkpatrick. 2002. J SPA B/SOSA



Angels in the Outfield. 1995. J DVD 791.4372 ANGELS


Mom, Can You Teach Me How to Hit? 2001. J VC 796.35726 MOM


The Rookie. 2002. J VC 791.4372 ROOKIE




Babe Ruth by James Duplacey. 2001. B/RUTH


Baseball: Becoming a Great Hitter by Ron Fitzgerald. 2000. 796.35726 FITZGERALD


Free Radical by Claire Rudolf Murphy. 2002. Fic MURPHY


Jackie Robinson by Gina DeAngelis. 2001. B/ROBINSON


Plunking Reggie Jackson by James W. Bennett. 2001. Fic BENNETT


The Story of Baseball by Lawrence S. Ritter. 1999. 796.39709 RITTER


Top 10 Baseball Legends by John Albert Torres. 2001. 796.357 TORRES



Fielding by the American Baseball Coaches Association. 2001. VC 796.35724 FIELDING


Hitters on Hitting: Finding the Sweet Spot. 2001. VC 796.357 HITTERS




American Chronicle of Sports & Pastimes (1868 on microfilm in Storage)


Baseball America. (1988-1996)


Baseball Players Chronicle (1867 on microfilm in Storage)


Baseball Record (1885-1886 on microfilm in Storage)


Baseball Scrapbooks (1853-1882 on microfilm in Storage)


New England Base Ballist (1868 on microfilm in Storage)


New York Clipper. (Various issues between 1857 and 1883 on microfilm in Storage)


Sporting Life. (1883-1917 on microfilm in Storage)


The Sporting News. (1886 to the present; current year’s issues in Art, Music & Recreation)


Sports Illustrated. (1954 to the present; current issue on display near Science Section)